Has acne finally met its match?

Last week I was invited to attend a skincare seminar and the press launch of the new mass market product to target acne and problem skin – FaceB4

As a person who hasn’t suffered from problem skin since my teenage years, I was aware I wasn’t really the target market, but as a professional who sees acne causing problems for women and girls alike I was interested to find out what the science behind it was, and whether it would be able to help the millions of people who have deep insecurities about their skin.

Sarah snaps her "Selfie-ready skin"
Sarah snaps her “Selfie-ready skin”

One of the people who has suffered in the past is none other than former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding, who is now the brand ambassador for the FaceB4 range. During the seminar she admitted to having had big insecurities about her skin, having suffered from acne during her teens and for most of her twenties. As someone who was living a whirlwind lifestyle on stage and screen, wearing lots of make up, she said found it hard to take care of her skin. Sarah also said she’s more of a quick-fix person when it comes to skincare, a face wipe girl! She wasn’t really into the full cleansing routine with several different stages so when she found out about FaceB4 and their simple two-step range, she felt finally she had found something that might fit in with her busy schedule.

The products have been developed and tested by Medichem, who used to specialise in pre and post-op tool sterilisation, but have moved over to the beauty industry. You may have heard of their colour restore range ColourB4 – a bleach and ammonia free way of removing unwanted colour from your locks. They also benefit from the expertise of Bruce Green CSci CChem MRSC, who has an impressive portfolio that includes product formulation for the like of Avon and Aveda US among many others.

I’m very excited to try the products, and I have selected another busy girl with very different skin to my own to also try them. Stay tuned for the skin update and more information on how the products work (the science bit – my favourite!). I will post the first results in the next few days.


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