2014 – The year of the Minx

So after many years dabbling in and out of the idea of writing a blog, I have finally been persuaded to do so, properly this time. Things have really taken off for me in the last six months, since going freelance again, and having previously seen blog-writing as rather self-indulgent (because some of them can be) I now think that my life is just about interesting enough to write about.

Iceland Press Feb 2014
Iceland Press Feb 2014

From the MakeUpMinx blog you will be able to read about not just the beauty industry, skin care, science and make up, but also bits of London lifestyle (food, culture etc.) will be dropped in from time to time, so as to keep things varied. Having worked for a number of years in hospitality both as a chef and front of house, I think I’m qualified to pass comment on food, wine and service across the capital. Also being a MUA for New CID Cosmetics means I travel quite a lot, so I’ll be sure to update the blog with cool stuff from other countries and recommendations on things to see, as well as essential products to keep in your hand luggage. This is just one international girl’s opinion on life, beauty, the universe and… Well… Everything.

Stay classy!


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