Face B4: two weeks on…

Sarah skin was a cause of deep insecurity for her, despite her balanced diet and regular exercise.
Sarah’s skin was a cause of deep insecurity for her, despite her fairly balanced diet and regular exercise. She also only wears a full face of make-up if she’s working or going out.

So my case study has now been using the FaceB4 Antibacterial Facial Wash and Antibacterial Serum for just over two weeks. Before this she, like Sarah Harding and so many others, was a face wipe girl. She, like brand ambassador Sarah Harding, mainly uses MAC make-up, but wears a full coverage foundation every day.

Her skin has cleared a lot. It was prone to breakouts and quite dehydrated, dry/oily in places, congested and unbalanced, but now she has clear skin across her face, no bumps or congestion and almost no redness. In my professional opinion her skin is much more balanced with far fewer blemishes. She can use a good moisturiser without having to worry about those oily patches becoming oilier. However, as Bruce Green CSci CChem MRSC (resident science dude at FaceB4) says – it is not oil production (usually caused by diet) that causes acne and breakouts; it is bacteria. To eliminate bacteria in the skin, there is no one better to formulate a range than a company that has specialised in sterilisation at a medical level – MediChem.

The products work as a two-step process. The first being a dual action facial cleanser & toner. The two solutions are only mixed together when you pump the product into your hands. This activates the formula. One side has a sodium (salt) solution to gently sterilise without alcohol, and the other contains a tri-acid formula made up of citric, lactic and salicylic acid to gently but deeply exfoliate and cleanse. The patented components for the packaging alone took 18 months to develop and are in themselves very unique, pumping out a foam of macro bubbles for maximum skin contact. This face wash claims to kill bacteria in 20 seconds and has been tested against every mass-market skin-clearing brand in the UK, consistently coming out on top.

The second stage is using the Antibacterial serum after cleansing. This works by very simply going into the thoroughly cleansed pores and lubricating them to stop bacteria shacking up there, thus eliminating grounds for blackheads, whiteheads, bumps and spots. The serum contains various vitamins to nourish and retinol to help shrink pores. Bruce recommends continued use of this, even after your skin has cleared, as the vitamin content will help to heal any scarring which may have occurred previously.

It is also rapidly becoming a new make-up artist essential as it makes an excellent primer under make-up. YouTube make-up artist Olivia Newman-Young says:

Olivia Newman-Young
Olivia Newman-Young is a YouTube sensation and well-known blogger.

“I discovered FaceB4 back on the Sarah Harding campaign that I worked on last year. The serum is such an essential for me now, because it’s so hydrating and the texture is so silky it’s ideal for photo shoots as it creates a matte finish and allows me to build on a fresh clean base, also because it’s anti-bacterial if I am swapping and changing the make-up looks all day it keeps the skin calm and soothes any irritation. “

I think this shows how versatile the products are. What I like is that they’re gentle enough to use as a preventative routine everyday, even if your skin has cleared up or if you just want to maintain your skin’s natural health. The formulation means that over time, the products would have many other benefits to the skin other than simply killing bacteria. There are so many harsh,  stripping ranges on the market, with five or six steps and very strong formulation that can sometimes cause more harm than good to acne prone skin, which tends to also be very sensitive. FaceB4’s alcohol-free, clinically proven formula is a fraction of the price of these ranges and much easier to use.

The products are available online and in Boots stores now at the reasonable RRP of 14.95 each and should last about 30 days, depending on usage.



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