Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi, Savoir?

On Tuesday May 15th, the legendary Savoir Beds of King’s Road, London, opened its doors for an evening of sensory delights. For more than one hundred years (since 1905), Savoir have been making beds for the infamous Savoy Hotel where the Duran Duran film ‘Girl Panic’ was shot. This was the brief for the party. Organised and hosted by event Wonder Woman Freya St. Johnson, the bourgeoisie were invited to the store to feast their eyes (and tummies!) on the beautiful handmade beds, adorned by glamourous Matching Models sporting lingerie

Gina shoe porn!

supplied by Myla London, bling from Theo Fennell and shoes by Gina.

As if that wasn’t enough to excite both sexes, there was also Thiénot Champagne on tap, cocktails galore and mouth watering canapé served all night, by yet more of the Matching Models.

My two glamourous assistants and I were on hand to get the girls ready for the catwalk and subsequent pillow fight. As well as hair and make-up, I also ended up being chief stocking stylist for the five models, assisting them with a few Myla mishaps! Our brief was Big shoes, big lips, big eyes, big hair. Rock and roll after party in a hotel room.

Guests included Made in Chelsea, the girls from Grazia, loads of fab designers and a judge from Holland’s Next Top Model.

A few shots from behind the scenes for your viewing pleasure, click on the slideshow to enlarge the gallery:

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